10 Plants Which Are Beautiful But Deadly

10 Plants Which Are Beautiful But Deadly

Like other living organisms, every plant contains some kind of defence mechanism to protect themselves from any kind of threat. Even the ones which produce food, which we like to eat. However, most them don’t posses a great threat to anybody but there are some which surely does!

Today I’m going to present you with a list of some plants, which are actually dangerous!



  10   Dolls Eye 

10. Dolls Eye


Also knwon as “White Baneberry” is a species of flowering plant of the genus Actaea. These plants are native to Northern and Eastern parts of the United States and Canada and are declared hazardous for human consumption because of the toxic that it contains which can kill humans. The plant got its name from its fruit, a 1 cm diameter white berry which looks like a doll’s eye, which is the most poisonous part of the plant. If consumed it can cause cardiac arrest and death.

  9   Oleander 

9. Oleander

Oleander is a small plant which is widely used as a decorative item in various places like school, park, etc. They may look beautiful, but don’t try to taste anything related to this plant. This plant has toxic chemical, cardiac glycosides, which can cause cardiac arrest if ingested.

  8   Hemlock

8. Hemlock


hemlock, also known as poisonous hemlock, is a highly beinnial herbaceous flowering plant native to Europe and Northern Africa. The plant contains cicutoxin which is concentrated mostly in the root and its root looks similar to the edible plant’s root like parsnip. However, if it enters the body, it will directly affect the central nervous system, making it overstimulated causing nausea, respiratory failure, abdominal pain, irregular heartbeats, tremors, seizures and death within a few minutes.


  7   Angel’s Trumpet

7. Angel's Trumpet


It got the name from its large, hanging, trumpet-shaped flower(s) which can grow up to 50 cm. The plant contains poison in all of its parts and if a high volume of this poison gets inside the body, death is absolute.

  6   Poison Nut

6. Poison Nut

Also called strychnine tree is a shrub native to India and South-East Asia. The seed of the fruit of this tree contains alkaloids, strychnine, and brucine which are highly toxic and a small amount is enough to be fatal for a grown human.


  5   White Snakeroot 

5. White Snakeroot


This plant is so poisonous that you don’t even have to consume the plant directly to make yourself sick. Just feasting on the milk, or meat from a cow that ingested the plant is enough. 
The plant contains a poison known as tremetol, which is consumed by humans can cause vomiting, trembling and even death. 
PS: Abraham Lincoln’s mother died because of this.

  4   Dumb cane

4. Dumb Cane


This plant contains microscopic needles of sodium oxalate in its cells, and when comes in the contact with a human can cause severe irritation. If a person consumes it, it causes the tongue to swell to a level that it even blocks the airways, suffocating the victim to death.



  3   English Yew

3. English Yew

Like others, this plant is no exception. This plant contains poison everywhere in its body except the berries. Consuming a small amount, as small as 50 grams, is enough to make a person very sick and also kill. 

Headache, nausea, shaking of the body, and difficulty in breathing are the symptoms and ends with the cardiac arrest. If this poison goes inside the body in high amount, then it will directly lead to death without showing any symptoms.

  2   Manchineel 

2. Manicheel

Manchineel is also called “The Little Apple of Death.” Sounds like some movie, but it is actually a plant of the little apple of death. Same again, it contains toxins in all of its parts, but some of the toxins from this plants are still unknown. This plant produces a white fluid, with if a body part comes in contact, will cause skin irritation. If it’s raining and there are no shade except this tree, then never ever take shelter beneath this tree. The rain water falling on the tree, if falls on your body, then it will cause severe rashes all over the body. The tree produces small fruits, which looks like an apple, which if consumed can cause some severe problems. The fruit, at first, will taste sweet with a strange peppery feeling. Then it will start burning and tightening the throat. If not treated in time then….. you know what will happen, you can even guess it from the name “little apple of death.”


  1   Castor Oil Plant

1. Castor Oil Plant

This plant is currently ranked as the most poisonous plant in the world. Actually, the seed of this plant is the poisonous part due to the presence of ricin (However the oil produced from the seed is healthy). It takes about 4 to 8 seeds to become fatal for a human, but once entered it can kill a person in 3 days. Symptoms include extreme abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea and burning sensation from mouth to throat.

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