Disney to start its own streaming service and leave Netflix

Disney to start its own streaming service and leave Netflix
Disney to cut ties with Netflix and start its own streaming service. Image source: YouTube: Disney

2018 will be the last year when we’ll be able to watch Disney stuffs on Netflix.

Disney, on Tuesday, announced that they will be starting their own streaming services and will end its distribution deal with Netflix. But it won’t be happening until 2019. 

The list of the movies to be removed from Netflix contains all the movies from Disney and Pixar. But the good thing is Marvel TV shows will remain.

Disney has already accrued the majority of the ownership of the digital media company, BAM Tech., with $1.58 billion to use their resources to create their own streaming services. The new service will start its journey with upcoming movies like Frozen 2, Toy Story 4, and the live action “Lion King.” However Marvel shows will remain unaffected.
Not only this, they are also planning to launch an ESPN streaming service in early 2018 which will show 10,000 regional, national, and international games and events a year.

But Netflix users, you don’t have to worry about it immediately because there’s still time in it! 😉

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