Facts about ‘Jurassic Park’ (1993) that might surprise you


Jurassic Park is a movie that every movie lover, like me, loves to watch. No matter how many times we watch it, we never get bored of it.

It is just like an every green movie which we can watch over and over and it never gets old. So today I have listed some facts about the original movie, Jurassic Park, hope you’d like it. 🙂

7. Only 14 minutes of dinosaur sighting

Yup, it’s true! If you watch it carefully, then you will find that there are very few dinosaur scenes in the movie. And out of 2 hours and 7 minutes, dinosaurs are shown for only 14 minutes only! Poor dinosaurs!


6. First, they’re made and then got discovered

The size of the velociraptor suits that they made was bigger than the actual size of the velociraptor species discovered at that time. But luckily, just befoe the movie release, a new species of velociraptors were discovered, having the same size as those suits made for the movie. Which saved them from any bad reviews.

5. The vibrating cup of water

Remember that epic scene when the cup of water starts to vibrate due to T-Rex’s arrival? According to Speilberg, that was the most difficult scene to shoot. Speilberg during an interview said that he got the inspiration for the scene in his car while he was listening to ‘Earth, Wind, and Fire’ song, which made the mirror in the car to shake.
“The mirror was easily shaking, but the water wasn’t. So I keep on trying with a guitar one night and after several tries, I finally got the right frequency. To shoot it, we tied a guitar string through the car down the bottom and had a guy below the car. All he had to do is just pluck the string and we got it.” Said Speilberg.

4. T-Rex was nothing more than a drawing

It’s true. During the shooting of the last scene, T-rex was actually a drawing of T-Rex head attached to a large pole, which a man would wave during the shooting. This was done so to give T-Rex incredible reflexes later by the animators, to make it look even more realistic.
So, the actors, in the last scene, were screaming at nothing. However, we can’t say the same for our next point.

3. The screams were real!

In the last scene, the T-Rex was made on the computer completely. But, during the beginning f the movie, the T-Rex scenes were made by using T-Rex animatronics and CGI. 
The T-Rex animatronics was looking almost real and perfect, but it had a problem. During rain, it would short circuit and would start to work on its own.
Speilberg in an interview said, “The animatronics would short circuit easily during the rain.  So, it would come alive and starts to work on its own. We would be like eating our meal and then T-Rex would become real. In the beginning, we couldn’t figure what’s happening, but later we found it’s the rain. You’d actually hear people screaming in fear.”

2. The accident

Do you remember the scene when T-Rex attacked the kids, Tim (Joseph Mazello) and Lex (Ariana Richards) in the van? That scene was not meant to be like that. 
Speilberg in an interview said that the T-Rex was not supposed to break the sunroof.
Joseph Mazello said, “The dinosaur was only supposed to go down to the sunroof. That pixel glass was the only thing separating s from the dinosaur. But then, it came too close to us and broke the pixel glass.”

1. Speilberg changed the scene few days before the beginning of the filming

The last scene of the ‘Jurassic Park’ was supposed to end like this: Alan Grant saving the kids by killing the raptors. But T-Rex had a great impact on Speilberg. He wanted T-Rex to return once more and roar on the screen. So, he changed the plot just to hear that. 
Yeah! T-Rex was the main attraction after all and we gotta admit that that roar actually gives us goosebumps. We should really thank him for this change. Without it, the movie would have remained incomplete. Thank you, sir!
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