7 Movies that actually came with a curse


Do you love movies? Ah! I know you do, what kind of stupid question is this? But would you watch a movie which is cursed? Maybe you have watched one without knowing it. Well, these seven movies that I have listed here are actually considered cursed. Hope you’d like it. 3:)

7. The Possession

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Jeffery Dean Morgan, famous for his role John Winchester on Supernatural, admitted that he is a skeptic but couldn’t help himself from getting scared in some events that happened during the shooting. Like the lights exploding for no reason, the cold breeze flowing through the set and the creepiest event, the storage facility where everything was stored caught fire and burned to the ground and the investigators couldn’t find the cause of the fire. They even said that the fire didn’t catch because of an electrical fault. So what could be the reason?

6. The Ghost of Goodnight Lane

This film was also based on real events that happened with the producer Alin Bijan and his crew on a horror movie set. First, they noticed an unknown man roaming on the set several times which then disappeared after sometimes. Several equipments were moved to a different place on its own and some of them even got a slap on their face with an invisible hand. Later paranormal investigators even confirmed that the set was indeed haunted. Alin Bijan decided to craft these incidents into a movie, and he even decided to use the same set to make it more realistic.During the shooting, the crew reported lights flickering and stuffs falling from the ceiling without any warning. They even heard their name called in an unknown voice by someone invisible.

5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose


During one interview, Jennifer Carpenter, who played the role of Emily Rose said she thought she had been followed by an unknown which scared her to hell. She said, “During the shooting, my stereo starts to play Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive’ in the midnight, which scared the hell out of me because it only played the line ‘I’m alive’.”

4. The Conjuring

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The Conjuring is based on real events happened with the Perron family once. One afternoon, during the shooting, everyone from the Perron family, except Carolyn Perron, visited the set of ‘The Conjuring’ in North Carolina. Carolyn Perron refused to visit the set to keep herself at a safe distance from the danger which once caused terror in their lives. But the luck was not on her side. When the Perrons set their foot on the set, a gust of wind started to encircle them. They thought it’s normal, but everyone else apart from them (The whole crew) noticed that the trees, at some distance from the Perron family, were unaffected. At the same time Carolyn Perron, who was at her home, felt an evil presence in her home and later was admitted to the hospital due to a severe fall.
After a few days of their visit, the hotel in which the whole crew was staying caught fire and everyone had to evacuate it.
Once the director, James Wan, was working in his office late night when suddenly his dog started to growl on something at a corner. James checked that corner carefully, but couldn’t find a thing there. But the dog didn’t stop growling.
Things didn’t stop there, actress Vera Farmiga used to feel uneasy during the shooting and she was also scared to read the script at home or at night. She even became more scared when one day she opened her laptop and saw five claw marks on her screen. She didn’t have any memory of any incident which could lead to these marks on the screen.
Coincidence? I guess not!

3. The Poltergeist

It is said that this movie is cursed from day one. Many believed that it is due to the fact that they used real skeletons as a prop instead of the artificial one which angered the soul of the dead and cursed everyone related to the crew. Several persons died during the shooting.

Heather O’Rourke, 12 at that time, met an unfortunate death. Oliver Robins who played the role of Robbie Freeling nearly died when he was dragged and choked by a puppet. Dominique Dunnie (Danna Freeling) was murdered by her ex-boyfriend the same year the movie released.


2. The Exorcist

Many creepy events happened which made people think that this movie is really cursed. Many people believed that Satan himself didn’t want this movie to release and doomed the life of everyone related to this movie. A real priest was called many times to bless the set so that everyone could remain safe, but it didn’t last long.

Jack MacGowran, who played the role of Bruke, died shortly after he completed his scenes from illness. Death troll didn’t stop there. The curse even consumed more people. Max Sydow’s brother, Linda Blair’s grandfather and Valsiliki when the film was in the theaters in Rome. 

One day when this movie was in the theater in Rome, a lightning struck the nearby church and the cross landed the nearby theater.

1. The Omen

The movie itself was creepy. Many bad things happened in this movie, but not many persons know that bad things not only happened in the movie but also on the set too.
Gregory Peck’s son, who had the lead role, committed suicide just two months before the date of filming. The scriptwriter’s plane got struck by lightning and then the executive producer’s plane too got struck just 8 hours later.
A crew member met a car accident soon after the beginning of the film shooting. Fortunately, he survived.
During the filming, IRA bombed producer’s hotel. Special effect director John Richardson and Liz Moore (Assitant) met a serious car accident in which Liz Moore died. 
The curse of ‘The Omen’ didn’t stop there. In the 2005 remake, their filming camera malfunctioned after showing ‘Error 666’. 
Actor Leiv Schreiber was attacked by a trained dog on the set. Pete Postlewaite’s brother died during a card game after he pulled out three sixes.
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