6 Interesting facts about Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is the highest grossing movie of 2016. If you have read my previous post, then you must have seen how much this movie has earned. If you haven’t then you can read it here: Top 7 highest grossing movies of 2016.
Those who have seen the movie already knows what happened on the screen. But do you know any fact which happened off the screen? It’s ok if you don’t because I have listed some of those facts in this post, hope you’d like it.

PS: May contain spoilers, 😉

6. Spiderman almost lost his role

Sony Pictures didn’t accept Marvel’s proposal to allow them to take a cut of the profit if they put Spiderman in the movie, but later they decided to accept it after the disappointment from the financial return and critical reception of The Amazing Spiderman series.



5. Iron ‘Uncle’ man

Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) and Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) were actually in a relationship in the 90’s. Both of them starred in 1992 Chaplin and 1994 Only you and there was a love chemistry between them at that time. Time for Spiderman to call Ironman his Uncle. 😉

4. Tug of war for Spiderman


Both Tom Holland and Charlie Plummer were chosen for the role of Spiderman and both got good reviews in their respective screen test.The production crew became confused and started arguing among themselves. Marvel’s wanted Plummer to become Spiderman and Sony wanted Holland. In the end, both of them chose Tom Holland. He got an edge cause of his age. Charlie Plummer was only 17 by that time (2015) and due to child labor law, they didn’t choose him. Poor Plummer 🙁

3. Black Panther’s luck worked

Black Panther didn’t have much role in the beginning, the writers planned to give T’Challa a small role to save it for his own movie and focus more on Spiderman. But later they didn’t get permission to use Spiderman for the first time, so T’Challa’s role got some beef. By the time they got permission to use Spiderman, Black Panther was already a main part of the story. So they decided to keep Black Panther’s role as it is and give Spiderman a small role instead.

2. Steve Rogers was hurt while stopping the helicopter

Captain stopping the helicopter is the most powerful shot of the film, but it came with a recoil. Chris Evans admitted it in a press conference that he injured his arm while taking the shot. He said he messed up doing that scene. He didn’t work out for about 6 months and he did that scene, he wasn’t feeling comfortable and that helicopter (Which was obviously a fake) was drifting beyond its control and he ended up hurting himself. Poor Rogers!


1. Bucky’s message

Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Barnes sent Robert Downey Jr. a video of himself doing intense bicep curl in front of a decapitated head of Iron Man, just before the day of shooting the fight scene between Tony, Captain, and Bucky, with a message “See you tomorrow Robert.” Damn! H really wanted to kill Tony!! XD or Maybe to take revenge from him to push them to work hard for the shooting. XD


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