Top 10 Bizarre Items That People Ever Consumed

We need to eat in order to survive, and obviously, we need some edible items. But apart from normal food, some people need some special kind of food that one could never think of. This list contains some of them, hope you’d like it.



  10   Soap

10. Soap


Pregnancy can trigger new food addictions in human. Like cheese or pickles, but can you imagine soap? Sounds weird but someone got addiction during her pregnancy. 

28-year-old Jess Gayford from Bristol got addicted to eating soap when she was 8 months pregnant in 2015. Must you be thinking something like “was she crazy? She must have killed the baby!” Well, his husband was also worried, but the doctor said it won’t affect the baby. So after that statement from the doctor what do you think will stop her from eating it more? Her carve for soap grew so much that she now needs at least 2 bottles of hand cleaner each week to satisfy her hunger.
Sounds tasty!

  9   Urine

9. Urine~Manneken Pis


There are many accounts of the people who accepted that they drink their urine. Pretty gross but true. One of the person is Dave Murphy.

Dave Murphy, 54 from Essex, father of two has been drinking his own urine from past 6 years. Not only this he even baths in it. According to him, it helped him to lose his weight and getting back into his figure again.

Pretty innovative way to lose weight, don’t you think?

  8   Toothbrush


Last year in March, the doctor diagnosed a person and found a total of 18 toothbrushes in his stomach. Not only toothbrush but doctors found some other objects like metal tweezers and corkscrew while removing the toothbrushes from his belly.

That person must have a lot of guts that he swallowed these things. 
All I can say is…. OCUH!

  7   Coin

7. Coins

In 2002, a 62-year-old Frenchman was found to have 350 coins in his stomach whose weight was equivalent to a bowling ball. He ate those us over a course of 10 years and shout help when he faced intense pain in his belly.

Surely not a good place to hide your money.


  6   Bricks

6. Bricks


Patrice Benjamin-Ramgoolam, 31, has a carve for bricks. She first tasted a brick when she was 18 and instantly became addicted to its earthy taste. This habit became so worse that now she can’t stay without bricks. She even starts to eat ’em in her friend or relative’s house.

If you think this is weird, then keep reading! x)

  5   Toilet Paper


Again an addiction caused by pregnancy. Jade Sylvester, a mother of 5, likes to eat toilet roll. She likes it so much that she consumes one daily.

At least better than bricks.



  4   Magnet

4. Magnet


Fridge magnets look really cool, for everyone, but for kids, it even looks delicious and some of them even end up swallowing some.

In February 2013, a 16 months old toddler swallowed 42 fridge magnets! Yes, 42!! It could have killed him, but luckily her mother quickly noticed this and rushed him to the hospital. But he couldn’t skip the surgery.

another 3-year-old girl, Payton Bushnell, from Poland, in March 2012, swallowed 37 buckyball magnets which formed a circle inside her which pierced through her intestines and stomach. The kid has to go through a lot of pain, but luckily doctors saved her! Good job docs!

  3   Your own hair

3. Your Own Hair


Sounds impossible, but there are many people in this world who eat their own hair. One of the of the case was from Punjab, India where a 15-year-old girl used to eat her own hair, for several years. The hair remained inside her and became a big furball of 1KG. 

I’m sure that girl is not gonna eat her favorite food anymore.



  2   Cremation Ashes


2. Cremation Ashes



In TLC’s show, My Strange Addiction, they featured Casey, the 26-year-old widow, who likes to eat the ashes of her husband. She first tasted it when she was transferring it to a special memorial urn. Some of it got into her hand. Feeling bad about wiping it, she licked it. And after two months, she consumed 1 pound of it. (Poor lady.. 🙁 ) She’s become so addicted that she’s taking that urn everywhere she goes, including malls and supermarket too.






  1   Razor Blade

1. Razor Blade


John Williamson was having breakfast when he swallowed a razor blade. Luckily he was admitted to the hospital and was put on observation and the razor was passed down from his system five days later.

How on earth didn’t he feel a razor in his food? But anyway, he was lucky that he didn’t die of it.

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