Top 10 Daily Use Items Which Can Kill You

Whenever we think of the things which can kill us, we generally think of guns, knife, stones, etc. But we never think of something like orange peel, soup… Surprised huh? Well, hold your excitement for now, because in this post I have listed several such common daily use items, which can kill you! 

  10   Toothpicks 

10. Toothpicks


How could someone die because of a toothpick? Well, read on!
In 2013 a 60-year-old man from Sweden, while eating pork sandwich, accidentally swallowed the toothpick. He was taken to the emergency room, but the doctors failed to notice the toothpick in his throat and sent him home back. But after some days it got worse and this time doctor found a hole in his throat and it has even caught an infection. The doctors performed emergency surgery, but it was too late and the patient died next day.




  9   Toilet bowl

9. Toilet Bowl


In 2014, just 40 days before the nation was gonna hosts the FIFA world cup, Paul Ricardo Gomez da Silva, a soccer fan from Brasil, died during the match between Santa Cruz and Parana when some rioting fans ripped toilet bowls from the restroom and dropped them from the place above where Silva was standing. It hit him so hard that he died instantly. 


  8   Carrot Juice


8. Carrot Juice


Everyone advice us to eat healthy. But do you think eating healthy will really protect our life? I guess this one will change your thinking. Keep reading x).




Basil Brown, a health maniac from the UK, died because of carrot juice. Why? due to the overdose of Vitamin A. He used to drink a lot of carrot juice, which ultimately poisoned him and destroyed his liver and ultimately ended up killing himself.





  7   Scarf


7. Scarf

In 2014, Nnaima Rharouity, a 47-year-old lady, died while moving down in an escalator after an item from her clothing got stuck in the escalator which strangled her to death.




  6   Underwear


6. Underwear

Brad Lee Davis, a 35-year-old man from Oklahoma, killed his 58-year-old stepfather, Denver St. Clair, in a drunken family fight by giving him an atomic wedge. He pulled the elastic waistband of his father’s underwear over his father’s head and around his neck which ultimately killed him by suffocation.




  5   Flashlight

5. Flashlight



We often use our flashlight in the dark, but once a man used his flashlight to see in the dark but ended up cutting his own light.

Santiago Alvarado, a 24-year-old man from Lompoc, CA, died after falling from the ceiling of a bicycle store which he was burglarizing. But the cause if death was not the fall. He dead after the flashlight, which was in his mouth, rammed into the bottom area of his skull, severing the second vertebrae of the neck.



  4   Dessert Spoon

4. Dessert Spoon


You must be thinking it is not possible to get killed by a dessert spoon. Well… keep reading.
In 2004, Richard Clare, a 31-year-old drug addict from Hertfordshire, UK, killed Timothy Magee with a dessert spoon. Clare hit Magee on the back of his head with the spoon, which ruptured an artery and caused heavy bleeding in that area which caused his death.
Next time, if you see someone is standing behind you with a dessert spoon, just.. umm.. be careful..


  3   Molten Chocolate 

3. Molten Chocolate

You must be thinking, NO! CHOCOLATE CAN’T KILL! But in 2016 it killed a Russian woman.
Svetlana Roslina, in 2016, died after she fell into a tank containing molten chocolate. Some workers reported that she dropped her mobile phone into the tank and fell as she tried to retrieve it. Other reported that she was pouring some ingredients in the tank when she fell and couldn’t get out.
Nobody knows which one is correct, but everyone knows one thing that “Chocolate killed her” :-P.

  2   Deodorant

2. Deodorant

Almost everyone uses deodorant daily, but have anybody imagined them dying because of it? No? Then this one will change your thinking. Keep reading 😉
In 2016, a 12-year-old boy, Daniel Hurley sprayed a large amount of deodorant in his bathroom and then collapsed. Due to the solvents of the deodorants, his heart began to beat irregularly. He was taken to the hospital but died 5 days later due to cardiac arrhythmia – or abnormal heart rhythms.

  1   Orange Peel

1. Orange Peel

Bobby Leach, the second person and the first man to go over the Niagara falls in a barrel and even survive it, died in 1926, during a publicity tour in New Zealand after he slipped over an orange peel and breaking his leg. The leg got infected by gangrene and had to be amputated. His health situation became worse after the amputation and died after 2 months.
So next time if you have an orange peel, please don’t throw it on the road. It can kill someone!.
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