You wouldn’t imagine these things are banned around the world

When we hear the word ‘ban’, we often think about something like a ban on drugs or smoking or hunting. We can’t think of anything which is simple and is used in daily life. 

So in this list, there are some simple things which you couldn’t even think of are banned in some countries. Keep reading!! 🙂


  14  Frowning


In Milan, Italy, you are always supposed to smile except during a hospital visit and funerals. If you don’t, then a big fine is waiting for you.


  13  Running out of fuel 

In Germany, you could face a fine up to € 80 or even sentenced to prison if you run out of fuel while driving. So make sure to double check your fuel meter twice before going out in your car if you are in Germany.

  12  Flip Flops

If you are visiting Capri, Italy, make sure you don’t disturb the peace of the locals by wearing those noisy flip flops or other noisy footwears. Well if you do so, you may end up facing a huge fine.

  11  Having a donkey sleeping in the bathtub after 7 pm

Sounds weird, but this law is 100% legit. In Oklahoma, if you are found to have a donkey in your bathtub after 7 pm is okay, however, if the donkey just falls asleep… then… you’re in trouble.

  10  Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh, the cute little bear, was banned from the playgrounds in Tuszyn, a small town in Poland, by the officials for being half naked. According to them, Pooh bear is of ‘Dubious Sexuality’, ‘inappropriately dressed’ and ‘half naked’. So to prevent children from getting bad influence, they banned him.
Poor Pooh Bear! 🙁

  9  Being Fat

In Japan, it is not legal to be fat after you reach 40. Lawmakers made this law to keep older citizens fit. However, if you break the law, you won’t be punished, instead, you will be given classes on weight loss (Boring fitness classes XD). 
Pretty good way to keep everyone fit. 

  8  Spitting

To prevent the spread of swine flu. in 2009 Mayor Christophe Rouillon of Coulaines, France, outlawed spitting. People were even fined if caught spitting on the road.

  7  Dying in the House of Parliament

Yes, you heard it. Dying in the Parliament in the United Kingdom is considered illegal. Nobody knows what’s the punishment for this, it’s just….. illegal.

  6  Women moving around topless

Another one from the UK. In Liverpool, women’s are not allowed to walk around topless, unless they work in a tropical fish store. I guess women’s used to walk without wearing the tops before this law was introduced. 

  5  Chewing Gum

If you are planning to visit Singapore, then don’t take chewing gums with you because in 2004 Singapore government banned gums. As per this law, no chewing gums are allowed to brought or sell inside Singapore. And if anybody is planning to break this law, then a $500 fine is waiting for them.

  4  Vacuuming your room

There’s a law in Melbourne that you can’t vacuum your room between 10 pm and 7 am during weekdays and 10 pm and 9 am during weekends, no matter how dirty your room is.

  3  Not walking your dog 3 times  

You better look after your dog and make sure you don’t forget to take him for a walk for at least 3 times a day if you stay in Torino, Italy because not to walk your dog for three times is banned there.

  2  Changing your bulb 

You need a professional electrician degree to even change the light bulb in Victoria, Australia. Else, $10 fine :3

  1  Reincarnation

In Tibet, monks are not allowed to reincarnate (XD) without government’s proper permission. So if the monks have to take permission before dying, even if they don’t know if they are gonna take a rebirth or not.

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