These insane things were found inside human body

Things living inside human body sounds like some alien movie scene. Like how aliens infest a human body to use it for their own purpose. Just like in the movie, Doom. But these things haven’t come from outer space but are local to planet Earth. 
Let’s see what would be your reaction after reading this. Enjoy! x)

6. Larvae 

Image source: Wikimedia
Our eyes are one of the precious things we got. Nobody like the uncomfortable feeling that happens when an insect enters it, but just a bit of rubbing and winking and it’s back to normal. However not true for everyone. Like the 5-year-old boy from Honduras.  A botfly once entered his eye and laid eggs there before leaving which then hatched there. The small larva was moving freely inside the eye of that little boy. But the larva ran out of luck when the boy’s mother took him to the doctor. Serves him right!


5. Eel 

Image source: Wikimedia
A Chinese man was taking eel exfoliation bath, just like others. Nothing bad happened until one eel entered the man’s penis and even made its way to the bladder and the eel was not 1 or 2 but big 15 centimeters long. Luckily the doctors saved the man’s life.
If you are thinking that the above story was really scary, then keep reading. 
Another Chinese man faced a similar situation, but from a different direction. After watching a pornographic movie, the Chinese man purposefully put an eel inside his anus (Must be a daredevil), which chewed up his intestines and made him bleed heavily internally and even nearly died. (I’m sure he is not going to watch any porn anymore)

4. Worms

Image source: Wikimedia
John Mathews From Iowa was going blind for no reason. When the problem became worse, he went to the hospital to check it up. When the doctor checked his eye, they were surprised because what they saw would scare anybody. A raccoon worm was inside his eye, moving freely and chewing up his retina. Doctors used the laser to blast away the worm, which saved his life and also his eye. But during the process, Mathew was able to see the worm moving here and there to dodge the laser. umm….
Worm in the eye was still visible, but what one could do if the worm is the most important and fully covered part? A Chinese man, after experiencing a strange smell and severe headache went to see his doctor. But when the doctors scanned his head, they were baffled after they saw something ring-shaped moving 5 centimeters in his brain. Later they found that it was a rare species of tapeworm and it was living there from 4 years.


3. Cricket

Okay, we can imagine larva and worms living inside human body, but can you imagine a cricket? Keep reading! 😉
An Indian man once went to the doctor complaining of itchiness and discomfort in his ear. When the doctor checked him, he found a cricket in his ear. Everyone became more surprised when they see the size of the cricket when it was removed. It was as big as the ear itself.
Next time when your ear itches, just think what could be the reason?

2. Cockroach



The last thing you’d want inside your body. The most creepy looking villain from ‘Men in Black’ was found inside the ear of a Chinese man.

Mr. Li from Southeast China went to his doctor after experiencing itching and discomfort in his right ear. When the doctor looked into his ear, it was full of tiny insects crawling inside his ear including a big one. A female cockroach and her 25 babies made his right ears their home. Doctor removed all 26 cockroaches using tweezers and told him, if he hadn’t come in time, then he would have lost his ear.

1. Plants


Okay, enough with the insects and worms, but how about plants? Nah, it’s not possible for plants to grow inside our body. But what if they can?

Ron Sveden, a retired teacher from Brewster, Massachusetts, was suffering from breathing problem and heavy coughing in 2009. He thought he had a tumor in his lungs, but to his surprise, it was something else that nobody could imagine. It was a 1/2 inch long pea plant, sprouted in his lungs.

If you think the pea plant was big, then this will blow you away.

In 2009, Artyom Sidorkin, 28-year-old boy from Russia met his doctor complaining about severe pain in his chest. They thought it must have been a tumor, but when the scan report came, they became surer of it. But when they opted him, they found a 2 inch or 5-centimeter long fir tree in his lungs, not a tumor.

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