Black Clover Quartet Knights Charmy Trailer | Game for PC and Xbox One

Black Clover: Quartet Knights Charmy Trailer | Game for PC and PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Black Clover Quartet Knights will release for PS4 and PC on September 14

Bandai Namco, on August 8, has released a new character trailer for the upcoming game, Black Clover: Quartet Knights. This time they have released character trailer for Charmy Pappitson.

Charmy Pappiton is a Magic Knight from the Black Bulls. She loves food and her dream is to eat a lots of food.

In the video, it is shown that she’s a healer. She can summon food from her magic and can heal herself and also her team mates. She can also use her magic for mobility and also to attack her enemies by summoning her sheep warriors.

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A few days ago, they had released the character trailer for Vanessa. You can watch it below.

Like Charmy, Vanessa is also from Black Bulls and she likes to drink a lot. However, she loves her fellow squad member.

In the game she is a support character and she uses her thread magic to attack the enemies and support her team mates.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights will release for PC and PlayStation 4 (PS4) in the West on September 14 and will release in Japan for PS4 on September 13.