Black Clover: Quartet Knights Fana Trailer

Black Clover: Quartet Knights Fana Trailer released; Watch it now here

Black Clover: Quartet Knights Fana trailer released.

Bandai Namco, on on July 17, released a new character for the upcoming game, Black Clover: Quartet Knights. They have released the character trailer for Fana.

Fana is a rouge mage from the Diamond Kingdom. If you follow the anime and manga, Black Clover, you might have already known about her. She and Mars used to be friends. She met Mars at the experiment conducted by the Diamond kingdom. Unfortunately Mars had to kill her at the end of the exam. But then she returned with the Eye of the Midnight sun as their member without any memories of the past and trying to destroy the Clover Kingdom. But later in her battle against Mars and Asta, she regained all her memory and became an ally and starts living in the Clover Kingdom. Read more about her in details here.

That was all about her background. Let’s talk about the new trailer now. The trailer is basically showing her skills from the game. Her role in the game, Black Clover: Quartet Knights, is a healer, but she is shown to blast off her opponents in just two shots. She can use her Phoenix magic to heal her allies. Watch the trailer below:

Fana Trailer:

Last week they also released a new trailer about a new mode called Crystal Carry. This is just like the Royal Knights selection exam. Each team will be given a crystal and they will have to defend their crystal and reach the designated location before their opponents.

Here’s the trailer:

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Black Clover: Quartet knights will release for PS4 in Japan on September 13, and in the West on September 14 for PS4 and PC via stream.