10 Video games that never got a release date


Hundreds of games are released every year. Developers work day and night to create them. Some of them earn a big buck and some just fail. But despite hard work, some games don’t even get a release date or even the complete development. It’s a sad fact, nobody can do anything about it. When some games just lead the stores, some just end up in the records after creating hollow excitement. These games are also one of those, which didn’t get a release date.

10. Fable Legends

Fable Legends was a cooperative action roleplaying game by Microsoft and was supposed to release in 2016. The game was in development from 2016 and was announced in 2013. It was a $75 million project by Microsoft and was in development by Lionhead studios. For the first time, players, along with their friends, could go on an adventure. They can either choose to become the hero or be a villain in real time. But despite putting so much money in the game, for some reason, Microsoft decided to cancel it on March 17, 2016, and even closed its servers later the same year.


LMNO was a big deal because it was involved with one of the greatest Hollywood producer, Steven Spielberg. It even made its way to the list of top anticipated games. It was supposed to be a mixture of roleplaying and parkour game with advanced graphics and design. The announcement of EA’s partnership with Spielberg itself injected every gamer with a dream of an extreme game which would surpass every other game of that time. 

However, the game got a full stop in 2010 for some reasons and broke everyone’s dream.

8. B.C.



B.C was an action-adventure game, developed by Intrepid Computer Entertainment. The game was based on prehistoric earth with a lot of prehistoric creatures including dinosaurs and dodo.

The players would be the leader of their tribe and could also give orders to other members. Not only this, it would be the player’s responsibility to protect the tribe from getting annihilated by ruthless dinosaurs, apes and other creatures. The player would experience brutal combat in the uncivilized and merciless era.It even released a trailer for the game in early 2004 and even got a great response. But later that same year, Microsoft canceled the game development for some unknown reason.

7. Gotham by Gaslight 

Like every other Batman game, this one too created a lot of hype, but it never made it to the finish line. Day 1 studios planned to craft the story of the Medival time Batman from Batman: Gotham by Gaslight comic. They were so interested in making this game that they even released a trailer when it was in its early stage of development. The game trailer even got good reviews from the viewers. But soon the game development met its end when THQ failed to secure the rights to the property.


6. Ushiro

The Japanese developer, Level 5, announced about this game in 2008. Ushiro was a horror themed role-playing game, planned to be developed for Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). They released very little information about this game in the trailer. In the game, the user would act as a Shinigami (Death god) who would be able to grant people their last wish before they take their last breath. After that, nothing about the game was heard from Level 5. The information about the game even got removed from their website after one year, which led to spreading the rumor that this game’s development got canceled for some unknown creepy reason. But nobody knows the truth behind the cancellation of the game development.

5. Thrill Kill

For gamers who likes games with a lot of violence, this game is perfect for them. Thrill Kill was a four-way 3D arena based fighting game, in which player would choose a character from hell and kill other opponents so that the player’s character could rebirth as human again. This game was the first ever game to AO (Adult only) rating from ESRB.
Different characters had different powers and you can use them however you like. You can rip-off a person’s head, arm, or any body part or you can even shave a person’s…. well you know now why it was never released. In 1998 when EA bought all the rights of the game and the company, just before the game was scheduled to release, EA first removed this game because of being bloody and gory.
Poor developers….

4. Six days in Fallujah

A third person shooting game, developed by Konami, was based on 2004’s Iraq war. The game would let the player experience the real war as a Marine and even let the player shape the war in their way. The game was being developed with the collaboration with Iraq veterans U.S. Marines, who allowed Konami to use their photos, videos, and diaries from the war for the game development. The game’s goal was to make the player experience what it feels during a real war.
But the public wasn’t ready to experience the real life war situation yet. They thought it’s too soon to make a game of the war which was still going on, in which many of them have lost their loved ones plus it would have insulted the Muslims and would make them angrier and would make them fight back. So due to the controversies, in April 2009, Konami finally decided to cancel it and another game got wasted.

3. Megaman Legends 3

Also known as Rockman Dash 3 in Japan, this game was supposed to be the sequel of Megaman Legends 2. It was announced for Nintendo 3DS on September 29, 2010. As the sequel, it would have introduced two new characters, Aero and Berret, who would join with the existing ones to save Megaman Volnutt from the Elysium. Capcom even asked the fans to submit their designs for the new characters in the Megaman Legends 3 website. But sadly something went wrong and on July 18, 2011, Capcom closed that site and announced that the development of the game would not proceed further and was ultimately put to and end.


2. Star Wars 1313

In 2012 LucasArts announced that they are going to develop another Star Wars game, Star Wars 1313, which would be totally different from the previous games. It would focus more on fast-paced gadget battles than light saber battle. Players would be able to play as the famous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, and fly far away in the galaxy. Fans really liked the idea and even gave it good reviews. Developers even put great graphics and details in it, which would have proved it to be a big hit. But a year later, Disney bought LucasArts and canceled all of its previous productions including Star Wars 1313.

1. The Avengers

While watching the movie or reading the comic, you must have thought, “It’s too bad, Avengers doesn’t have a good game.” (If you are a gamer). The gaming company THQ also thought it like it and even started to make a game on it. In 2010, they planned to create a first-person Avengers game which they planned to release with the movie in 2012. The game was under development in THQ studios in Australia The game story was totally different from the movie and was inspire from the comic “Secret Invasion.” Up to 4 players could play the game together, both online and offline. But due to financial problems, the game development was shut down and later, the THQ office in Australia was also shut down and the game just remained a dream.
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