You Would Never Want To Stay Alone In These Places

Staying alone means you’re the boss! You can do anything you want…… unless you stay in these places….

9. Riddle House

*This is not the image of the riddle house, I couldn’t find a free image of it.*
Originally Known as, “Gatekeeper’s house”, this house in Palm Beach County, Florida was built by some of Henry Flagler’s hotel construction workers. This house was home to groundkeeper of Woodlawn cemetery. By 1920 this house was acquired by Karl Riddle, and now this house is known by his name.
Now let’s move to the scary part,
As per the legend, Joseph, one of Karl Riddle’s employee committed suicide in that house to escape his financial situation, now his ghost haunts the house. Many visitors, during the tour, reported that the furniture would shift own its own. Many have even seen shadowy figure roaming inside the house
The haunting of this house is so famous that it’s even featured in 2008 on Ghost adventures on Travel Channel. 


8. Bell Witch Cave

Would you dare to go to a place which even scared people like the American President, Andrew Jackson, and even made him to vow to never return again? I think you should if you love scary things.
Bell Witch Cave is located at Adam, Tennessee where the Bell farm once stood. The story goes that, one of their neighbors sent the sent Bell Witch to kill the landowner, John Bell and prevent his daughter, Besty Bell, from marrying a neighboring boy. In the end, the witch succeeded in both and said she’d return after 108 years. However she never left instead, she made the cave linked to the property her home. Locals have reported many paranormal activities in or near the cave during the night. 
Not scary huh? well, you will have to spend the night there to find it out.

7. City of Dead, Russia

Originally Dargavs, is an outpost in Prigorodny district of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia. Located on the Gaizeldon river, this place is considered as one of the most mysterious and creepy places in the world. Dargavs contains ancient crypts with the bones of the dead in them. 
There is also a legend associated with the place. According to it, if any men dare to enter it, would not come alive and his soul will be trapped in that place forever. Because of this, the locals don’t even come near it.
Like to camp there one day?

6. Ancient Ram Inn., UK

Ancient Ram Inn. is considered as the most haunted house in Britain. Locals believe that the paranormal activities that occur in the house are because of the child sacrifices, that are done by the devil worshipers, 5000 years ago on that land.
There are several incidents that occurred with the people, who stayed in that house.
The current owner, John Humphries, has also reported the incident that occurred with him on the first night of his stay in that house in 1968. On that night, he felt an evil presence, which grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the bed and across the room. Later, he also found two child skeleton and a broken dagger from that house. He said he still experience such things on a regular basis.
Like to stay in that inn. for a night? x)

5. Stull, Kansas

Stull is really a small area with a population less than 2000. However, despite its small size, it has a big dark side. The area is considered cursed, and after two creepy incidents, it made people even believe it strongly.
In the beginning of the 20th century, a father accidently burned his son while burning the field. A few years later a man, who went missing long ago, was found hanging from a tree and guess what? Both the incidents happened near a road, known as, “Devil’s Road.” And this road can only be found in the old map of Kansas.
It is said that the son of the Satan was buried in that cemetery and he appears there to visit his grave. Not only this, it is said that no matter how much it rains, the church, which doesn’t have a roof, never gets wet.Also, glass won’t break inside of that church. Not only this, legends also says that there are stairs hidden somewhere behind the church which serves as the door to the hell. If one find it, he won’t be able to return to this world again.
Pretty good place camp for paranormal lovers, but make sure to take permission because they usually do the patrolling there and if you get caught you will be arrested and if you even get the permission, make sure to take extra batteries, because for some reasons people who stayed there overnight found that their flash light’s batteries got drained pretty quick..

4. Highgate Cemetery, London

If you are a ghost lover, then this place is best for you! With over 170,000 graves, this graveyard doesn’t only contains the bodies of the deceased, but their spirits too. People have seen the ghost of a nun floating around the graveyard, to vampires lurking in the dark.
The ghost of the running lady is common, who is said to be searching for her children, whom she has already murdered and if you become (un)lucky enough, then you can even meet the famous vampire there to brag about him later (if you stay alive).

3. Screaming tunnel

You must be thinking, “Do the tunnel scream?” Well, the tunnel doesn’t scream, but the thing that is inside, surely do scream. According to the legend, if you go inside the tunnel, in the pitch black night, you’ll be able to hear the scream of the girl, who went there to hide from her torturous father but ended up dying there.
Or maybe, she just screams because who’d like to be disturbed in the middle of the night?

2. Isla de las Munecas, Mexico

Isla de las Munecas or the Island of Dolls is a floating garden in Xochimilco. This island contains more than hundred dolls, which is said to whisper, laugh and even talk to each other. Tourists have even seen them moving their arms or legs or head.

1. Aokighara

Dense forest is best for hiking and camping, but when it comes to this forest, hiking and camping doesn’t look a good idea. Aokighara is also known as the suicide forest. More than 100 people commit suicide there each year, and with that many suicides, it’s natural for a place to be haunted, if not creepy. The people who live nearby have even seen the ghost lurking in the forest. They believe that people who die in hat forest are eternally trapped there, screaming, roaming and luring other travelers to end up like them.
Have another haunted place in mind? Please let us know in the comment section.
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