'Special Promotional Video' released for 'Oshiego ni Kyōhaku Sareru no ga Hanzai Desu ka?' anime

‘Special Promotional Video’ released for ‘Oshiego ni Kyōhaku Sareru no ga Hanzai Desu ka?’

Kodakawa anime, on July 23, released a new promotional video for Oshiego ni Kyōhaku Sareru no ga Hanzai Desu ka? (Is it a crime if you are threatened by a student?)

Promotional Video:

The story revolves around a 27-year-old teacher, named Tenjin, who works at a cram school for students taking middle and high school entrance exams. Despite being good at teaching elementary school students, he got no love for children. He just coldly do his work while training his colleague JD. However, one day while teaching fifth-grade class, one of his female student hugged him tightly and told him that she loves him. To add to his troubles, a 14-year-old middle school student named Seika, saw everything and starts to blackmail him to spread that he’s a lolicon if he refuses to give her ‘Special Private Lessons’ at night.

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Source: Anime News Network