Trailer released for Noelle Silva- Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Source: YouTube: Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

Bandai Namco, today (May 6, 2018), has released a new character trailer for their upcoming game, Black Clover: Quartet Knights. This time they have released the trailer for Noelle Silva.

If you missed the previously released trailers, then click below to watch all of them:

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If you are a fan of Black Clover then you must know that she’s a “Royalty.” Born in the famous Silva family of the Clover Kingdom, she can’t control her magic very well but when it comes to saving the people of the Clover, she can unleash very powerful magic.

So, now back to the topic!!! The trailer showed that she can use support magic, and as well as water magic. She may not be a good attacker like Asta and Yuno, but she could be a good support for the team.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights will release in Japan on September 13 only for PlayStation 4, and will release in the West on September 14 for Stream and PlayStation 4.

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