Clannad for PS4 will release in US, Digitally

Clannad for PS4 will release in US Digitally
Source: YouTube: Prototype

Previously announced Clannad for PlayStation 4 will be released in the US digitally (only no physically), Prototype announced today on their twitter. The game will be sold both physically and digitally only in Japan. However, as mentioned in our previous post, both the Japanese version and the American version of the game will have language switch option.

You can read more about the language switch in our previous post:

If you wanted to buy the physical edition of the game then all you need to do is buy the Japanese version and play it by switching the language! 😀 You can read their official tweet if you don’t believe that the language switch option is also available in the Japanese version:
CLANNAD for PS4 will be coming to the US PlayStation Store!
Physical release will be limited to Japan only.
The in-game text is available in both English and Japanese. Language can be switched at any time during gameplay.

— 株式会社プロトタイプ (@PROTOTYPE_info) June 6, 2018

If you want to buy the Japanese edition, then buy it here:

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