Opening movie for Digimon ReArise released

Source; YouTube: 876TV

Bandai Namco, today, has released the opening movie for the upcoming game for smartphone, Digimon ReArise.

The opening movie features the song by the Japanese band Straightener, The Future is Now! The game is an adventure story of both Digimon, and Tamers. Tamers will have to look after their Digimon partner and train them and also team up with them against an evil power called Spiral, that has arrived at the Digimon World to destroy its peace and stability.

This game will feature original Digimon from the series and also a new Digimon named Erismon, created by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. If you haven’t read my previous post about it, click below to read it:

Digimon ReArise will release in Japan in 2018.
We have attached the trailer below, make sure to watch it!
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