IdolMaster: Stella Stage’s new trailer for 6th DLC

IdolMaster: Stella Stage's new trailer for 6th DLC
Source: YouTube: 876TV

Bandai Namco, today, has released a new trailer for their PlayStation 4 game Idolmaster: Stella Stage’s new DLC. This will be the 6th DLC, you might have already guessed that from that title XD.

Anyway, this DLC will have the following add-ons:

  1. Song(s)~ First Stage, Music
  2. Costume(s)~ Conducter thirteen, Dear my first
  3. Set(s)~ First set
  4. And also money 
This DLC will release March 15, in Japan.
Idolmaster: Stella Stage is already available in Japan for PlayStation 4. 
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