New trailer released for Dragon Ball Z: X Keeperz

Source: YouTube: 876TV

Bandai Namco, on February 25, released a new trailer for their upcoming game, Dragon Ball Z: X Keeperz. It is pronounced as “Dragon Ball Z: Cross Keeperz.”

The game is a free browser-based action and adventure game. Players can choose up to 4 characters and use them to fight their opponents by clicking and dragging using their mouse. Not only that, players can also invite their friends and play it together too.

The game was announced back in January, and also a teaser was released too back then. We have attached the recent and the old teaser below, don’t forget to watch them!

This game will release in Japan, this spring, for PC browsers via the game service of Yahoo.You can pre-register the game at their official website.

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  1.  First trailer:

  2.  Second trailer: