New Digimon game announced for smartphones- Digimon Realize

Digimon Realize- New Digimon Game for smartphone
Source: YouTube: Bandai Namco America

Bandai Namco, in the latest issue of the V. Jump magazine, has announced a brand new Digimon game, called Digimon Realize, for smartphones. They have also labeled it as ‘Friendship Evolution RPG.’

The game characters are being designed by Katsuyashi Nakatsuki. Yup! The one who created Super Saiyan 4, and many other Dragon Ball stuffs.
In the game, players will have to work hard to improve their friendship with the Digimon in the Ditigal Town. There will also be an unknown threat to the Digital, and real world, lurking in the darkness.
Now for the Digimon, the game will feature original Digimon.
Currently, not much details are available, however the game has been described as another game called ‘Animal Crossing’ by our source.
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Credits: Ryokutya2089