Idolmaster: Stella Stage’s new introduction trailers for Takane Sijou, and Azusa Miura

Takane Shijou
Takane Shijou; Source: YouTube: 876TV
Bandai Namco released two new introduction trailers for their game, Idolmaster: Stella Stage. This time, they have released trailer for Takane Shijou, and Azusa Mirua.
If you missed the previous introduction trailers released by Bandai Namco for Idolmaster: Stella Stage, watch them by clicking the links below:
Azusa Miura
Azusa Miura; Source: YouTube: 876TV
Idolmaster: Stella Stage has released in Japan (released on December 21) for PlayStation 4.
Introduction trailers for Takane Shijou, and Azusa Mirua are below, don’t forget to watch them!
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Takane Shijou

Azusa Miura