No Game No Life: Zero crossed 700 million yens milestone

No Game No Life: Zero earning crossed 700 million at Japanese Box Office
Source: YouTube: Sentai Filmworks
The official website of ‘No Game No Life’ announced that their latest movie, ‘No Game No Life: Zero’ has already earned 700 million yen (which is equals to 6.3 million USD) at the box office in Japan as of 2017 and also manage to make it to the top 100 at Japanese box office.
No game No Life: Zero was premiered in Japan on July 15, this year. The movie was screened in 64 theaters across Japan, which later increased to 178 later, and also started to screen in 4DX in 48 theaters in Japan from September 9.
Sentai Filmworks also started to screen the movie in America in selected theaters across the country from October 5.
War consuming land of Disband
Source: YouTube:Sentai Filmworks

The story is set 6000 years before the main story. War is consuming Disband and threatening human race to extinction.

Soure: YouTube: Sentai Filmworks

Rika, a young boy who has a dream of leading everyone to the right path, meets a girl Shuvi, who’s an Ex-Machina, in the Elf City ruins who asks him What does it means to have a human heart?

The staff and casts for the movie are almost same. Only with a change of Yoshiaki Fujisawa as the new music composer.
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