Idolmaster: Stella Stage’s new trailer for Hibiki Ganaha

Idolmaster: Stella Stage's new trailer for Hibiki Ganha
Hibiki Ganaha; Source: YouTube: 876TV

Bandai Namco, on Monday, released a new trailer for the upcoming game, The Idolmaster: Stella Stage.

The Trailer is introducing us with the 765 Production’s idol, Hibiki Ganaha, in which she is shown singing the song, Brand New Day!

Not only this trailer, last week too Bandai Namco released two more character introduction trailers for Yayoi Takasuki, and 961 Production’s Shika. Let’s have a look at them:

Shika from 961 Production
Shika from 961 Production; Source: YouTube: 876TV

Shika was raised in Vienna, Austria. She as also done modeling and likes music boxes and toy robots. you can read more about here below:

  • More information on Shika.
Yayoi Takasuki:

Yayoi Takasuki
Yayoi Takasuki; Source: YouTube: 876TV

Yayoi Takasuki is present in the game from the beginning of the series. In the first game she was only 13, so she can be considered as the youngest among all other idols. In the trailer she is shown singing a song which is also present in the game from the beginning, Ohayou!! Asagohan.

Along with the trailers, Bandai Namco has also confirmed that all the base songs from Idolmaster: Platinum Stars will be available in The Idolmaster: Stella Stage. Also the DLCs of Idolmaster: Platinum Stars will be usable with The Idolmaster; Stella Stage as well.
Idolmaster: Stella Stage will release for PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 21, 2017.
That’s all for now, stay tuned for more.
Don’t forget to watch the trailers below.


Hibiki Ganaha:


Yayoi Takasuki: