Idolmaster: Stella Stage got a new trailer introducing us with new features

Idolmasters: Stella Stage got a new trailer introducing us with new features
New Character, Coaching and more! Source: YouTube: 876TV

So the upcoming game Idolmasters: Stella Stage got a second trailer The first one was released in September. If you haven’t watched it yet, then click below to watch it:

So in this trailer, they have released the details about the game, which you can read below:


Unleash hidden talents of the Idols using Coaching! Source: YouTube: 876TV

This new game has a new feature called coaching, in which players can use coaching points (CP) to improve the talent of each idol. Players can earn CP by holding live concerts. To improve the talents, players will have to use their earned CP, choose an idol, and make her move on the tiles.


Give your Idol a day off to help her recover her stamina back! Source: YouTube: 876TV

Another feature tht this game has added is OFF. Of course anybody can become tired by working daily, like the idols. So by this new feature, players can give the idols rest time to help them recover their stamina back.

New Character, Shika

New Character: Shika
Shika from 961 Productions; Source: YouTube: 876TV

Not only features, the trailer also introduces us with a new character, Shika, whose addition was announced back in September.

If you haven’t read about it, click the link below to read it.
Shika is from the rival company of 756 Production, 961 Production and she’s voiced by Rie Takahashi.
Idolmasters: Stella Stage will release for PlayStation 4 on December 21 in Japan.
Watch the trailer below.
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