Yuri anime Citrus’s first trailer is here let’s have a look at it

Yuri anime Citrus's first trailer is here let's have a look at it
Citrus’s official promotional video is here! Source: YouTube: IchijinshaPV

The Yuri manga’s, Citrus, anime adaption got it’s first promotional video. The anime is being made by Passione Studio.

The video introduces us to the main characters of the anime, and also gives us a slight hint of the story too. The video also reveals that the anime will premiere in Japan in January 2018 on Tokyo MX, AT-X, and BS Fuji.

Here’s their official tweet:

義理姉妹描く百合アニメ「citrus」新ビジュ&PV、放送は2018年1月 https://t.co/Q8fi3bkBzw pic.twitter.com/vJu06V4BDy

— コミックナタリー (@comic_natalie) September 1, 2017

Screenshots from the anime promo:

Citrus Screenshot-1 from the trailer
Source: YouTube: IchijinshaPV

Citrus Screenshot-2 from the trailer
Source: YouTube: IchijinshaPV

Citrus Screenshot-3 from the trailer
Source: YouTube: IchijinshaPV

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