Goku’s got a new transformation in Dragon Ball Super let’s have a look at it

Goku got a new transformation in Dragon Ball Super
Have a look at Goku’s new transformation in Dragon Ball Super; Image source: Dragonball wikia

V-Jump magazine’s new issue revealed Goku’s new transformation. In the new transformation, Goku won’t be changing his hair color, instead his eye colors. His eyes would turn into silver and his hair would remain normal black. His whole body would be surrounded by thick smoking blue ki-aura giving it a more stronger look.

You can see the transformation below

BRUHHH LOOK AT THIS!!! pic.twitter.com/77PZuA1LCA

— YonkouProductions (@YonkouProd) August 17, 2017

What do you think about this new transformation? Will Goku be able to beat the Pride Troopers? Do let us know in the comments.

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