Goku to reveal his new transformation in the upcoming 1 hour special episode and Luffy to take on Sanji

One Piece and dragon Ball Super is getting ttheir 1 hour special episodes
Special episodes for One Piece, and Dragon Ball Super is on their way! Source: YouTube: Toei Animation

Advertisements for the special 1 hr episode for Dragon Ball Super, and One Piece has already begun to increase the excitements for their fans. But this isn’t gonna be a crossover, instead two separate 1 hour special episodes. 

On October 1, One Piece will be getting its 1 hour special episode, and after 7 days Dragon Ball Super will get its own.

Spoilers Ahead

In One Piece special episode, a great battle will take place in which Luffy will take on Sanji. And on October 8 Goku will take on Jiren The Gray from Universe 11. 

Also as I mentioned in my previous article on Goku’s new transformation:

Goku will unlock this new transformation in this upcoming 1 hour special episode, against his opponent Jiren.

Also no episode of Dragon Ball Super will be aired in the week of One Piece 1 hour special week (As it will be aired from 9 AM to 10 Am in Japan. The same time Dragon Ball Super, and One Piece is aired there.). Similarly no One Piece episodes in the Dragon Ball Super special week.

The reason for this is unknown, but at least we’ll be able to watch the special episodes which will cover up everything. 

Here are some of the screenshot that you’d like:

One Piece:

Angry Luffy, surely on Sanji
Luffy is really pissed…. scary! Source: YouTube: Toei Animation

Nami crying due to the fight between sanji and Luffy
poor Nami.. Source: YouTube: Toei Animation

Sanji kicked on Luffy's face
Fight between Luffy, and Sanji Source: YouTube: Toei Animation

Now let’s have a look at some shots from Dragonn Ball Super part.

Dragon Ball Super:

Screenshot from Dragon Ball Super Special Episode
That’s a power bump! Source: YouTube: Toei Animation
Goku in the middle of  a fight between Jiren
Gku vs Jiren. Source: YouTube: Toei Animation

Goku in his new transformation
Finally Goku in his new form! Source: YouTube: Toei Animation

So are you excited for these two special episodes? 😀

Okay so that’s all for today, stay tuned for more.

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Oh yeah below is the original trailer of the episodes by Toei Animation, don’t forget to watch it. 😉 See you next time.