10 Things That Are Found In Nature Which Are Weird But Beautiful

When we think about things in nature, we always think of the beautiful things. And obviously there are no ugly things in nature, so it is hard to think of any. However, there are some things in nature, which are beautiful but are also weird at the same time. 

This list contains some of them, hope you’d like it. 

  10   Sailing Rocks

10. Sailing Rock
TThis phenomenon really occurs. Rocks move over the smooth valley floor leaving a long trail without the help of any human or animals. Sounds weird but it’s true. Not only this they also change their direction and even take U-turns too. 

  9   Victoria Amazonica

9. Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica is a flowering plant and is the largest member of the Nymphaeaceae family, water lilies and they are not like any other ordinary water lilies. They have very large leaves with a diameter of about 3 meters, yup you read it correctly, and is big enough to hold your kids in it. 

  8   Pyura Chilen, The Living Rock

8. Pyura Chilen, The Living Rock


Also known as piure in Spanish, is tunicate and are found in the coast of Chile and Peru. It looks like a rock from outside, but if you cut it open, you can see its organs. 

So next time if you go to any beach in Chile or Peru, just check before stepping on a stone. 😉


  7   Catatumbo Lightning 


7. Catatumbo Lightning



Also known as the everlasting thunderstorm, This phenomenon only occurs at the area near the mouth of the River Catatumbo where it meets Maracaibo lake.This storm stays for 260 nights for about 10 hours a day and for up to 280 times per hour.






  6   Blood Falls

6. Blood Falls


Blood falls is the outflow of iron oxide-tainted salt water from the Taylor Glacier, in Antarctica, giving it a look of blood falling from it.



  5   Ghost Trees

Not actually ghost, but cocooned trees because of spiders which crawled into the trees to protect them from 2010’s flood in Pakistan, making it a beautiful piece of art.



  4   Salar de Uyuni

4. Salar de Uyuni


Salar de Uyuni of Bolivia can be considered as world’s largest mirror. Not actually mirror, but a reflective salt flat with an area of 10,582 sq. kms. 
This salt flat is so reflective that it reflects the sky accurately.

  3   Natural Salt Water Fountain

3. Natural Salt Water Fountain

Yup, you read it but is actually formed by sea water falling into a bottomless crack. You can call it sea water driven salt water fountain.
Location? Coast of Oregon. If you visit there, make sure to visit both of the fountains, Spouting Horn at Cook’s Chasm and Thor’s well.


  2   Eucalyptus Deglupta

2. Eucalyptus Deglupta


Eucalyptus Deglupta, also known as ‘The Rainbow Tree’ or ‘Mindanao Gum’ or ‘Rainbow Gum’, is a species of Eucalyptus tree having colorful barks. The bark then sheds at different times of the year giving new light green colored bark, which on maturing gives blue, red, orange and maroon colored barks.
Surely a tree from the fairy tale.

  1   Lenticular Cloud

You must have seen clouds like this when you visit any mountainous area. These hats or UFO looking clouds are formed when stable moist air flows through any obstacle, it could be man made like tall buildings or natural like mountains. 

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