Top 10 Cute Animals With You Shouldn’t Mess!

Cute animals are always regarded as harmless. They have got everything to prove it too, big eyes, furry body and the way they look at everything. But we often forget that they are still animals and may also have the mechanism to protect themselves. So in this post, I have listed some of the animals, which are very cute but are also dangerous.

  10   Kangaroo

10. Kangaroo

Kangaroos generally don’t attack humans, but if they feel any kind of danger to you, they won’t hesitate to fight back. During a fight, they can balance their body on their tail and can use their arm and legs to break your bones, just like a professional boxer. Especially their legs which are really strong. One kick and K.O.


  9   Elephant

9. Elephant

Elephants can be really friendly, but piss them off and they will show you how puny you actually are. Once they start rampaging it becomes really difficult to stop them and can even kill anybody in their way.


  8   Deer


8. Deer


If you think deer only move around and eat grass, then you are absolutely wrong. There have been several cases where they, especially the male ones with big horns, charged and stamped humans.


  7   Moose


7. Moose


Moose generally don’t attack humans, but when they do, they give serious injuries. In Alaska, the number of moose attacks is higher than the bear attacks. 




  6   Raccoon 



6. Raccoon

Raccoons are the cutest creature you will ever find near a trash can, but these cute dumplings are armed with sharp teeth and claws and most of them won’t hesitate to show off their weapons.


  5   Hippopotamus 

5. Hippopotamus

They may look cute and dumb creature, but don’t fall for it. They are extremely dangerous. Each year many people are being killed by hippos because of entering into their territory. Despite weighing 8000 lbs, hippos can chase an intruder with a max speed of 20 mph along with a deadly jaw with 10 inch long canines, killing someone would be a piece of cake for them.



  4   Chimpanzee


4. Chimpanzee


Our (Human’s) closest relative in the wild. There are many similarities between us like the hands with opposite fingers, brain functions, expressions and also drive towards violence. The only difference is the muscle structure, which gives them 5 times more strength than a human. Mess with them, and it won’t take them much time to show you who’s the boss.


Even trained chimps have been known to attack their owners and ripping their face or arms badly. Surely one of the animals not to mess with.







  3   Platypus 

3. Platypus




Pet of the famous Phineas and Ferb!! Surprised to see him on the list too? Well, really are one of the strange creatures on earth. They have a beaver tail, duck-like bill and otter-like feet and oh my! how could I forget those cute little eyes and those 15 mm long spurs on their rear legs which eject poison? Though that poison won’t kill us but is enough to give unbearable pain for several days.





  2   Slow Loris

2. Slow Loris




Slow Loris are a kind of animals which animal lover would never hesitate to take home with them. They are cute, shy and those eyes are just…. ah! But despite having a cute look, they are also very poisonous. Yes! You heard it!! They produce a venom inside of their elbow in a gland, which if enters the body and remain untreated can cause death.




  1   Panda

1. Panda

They are cute and fluffy just like a big cuddly teddy bear. Wait! They are a kind of bear!! Anyway back to the topic, generally they are pretty easy going and don’t like violent stuff, but if threatened can give threats to your life too. There are some cases regarding panda attacks. One man nearly lost his leg in China while chasing the panda to capture it.
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