10 Dog breeds you shouldn’t mess with

Everything has two sides, so do animals like dogs too. Behind the cute attractive face, you’d never know if they are harmful or not. Though we can’t call them dangerous out of nowhere, no animal is dangerous except us and if an animal like dog becomes dangerous it also because of us, because of our behavior towards them. So, this list contains some of the dog breeds which you shouldn’t mess with.

10. Tosa Inu

This isn’t a surprise that the dog which was meant for fighting is on the list. Tosa Inu is a Japanese breed and is considered rare. It can grow up to 32 inches and weigh between 130 to 200 lbs.
Psst.. this dog is legally banned in many countries.

9. Rhodesian Ridgeback


This dog breed is originally was bred in Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) and was used to scare lions away and even sometimes kill them too.

8. Basenji

Originated from central Africa, Basenji is a breed of fighting dog, bred from the stock. These dogs are energetic, alert, curious but are reserved with strangers. They have a very strong prey drive and are ranked as 2nd least trainable dog in the world.

7. Fila Brasileiro 

Also known as Brazilian Mastiff, is a large working breed dog which is famous for its great tracking ability, aggressiveness. This dog is also banned in many countries.

6. Akita

Akita is a large dog breed originating from the northern mountainous regions of Japan. Two types of Akita are known, Akita ino (Japanese Akita) and Akita (American Akita). Akita is generally strong, independent, and dominant breed and are affectionate with their family but are greatly territorial about their property so they won’t hesitate to attack a stranger if they enter their area.

5. Chow Chow

This dog breed is originated from Northern China and is called ‘Puffy Lion Dog’ there. If ignored by their owner, they can become extremely aggressive, especially towards strangers. Due to their aggressive nature, they are completely not allowed to pet in many countries.
Not only this, there have been more than 250 reports of fatalities from this dog’s bite.

4. Doberman

Doberman, developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in 1880, is a medium-large breed of domestic dog. Although, they are famous for their alertness, loyalty, and intelligence, they are also famous for their ferocious and aggressive behavior. They show attractiveness towards their family but can become extremely aggressive towards strangers and can even attack them.

3. Wolf-dog

No surprise that this dog breed is here. They have an unpredictable behavior, including the small ones too. Moreover, it has wolf’s DNA too. What else would we expect it to be? Calm and cuddly?

2. Pitbull

Pitbull is the common name for certain type dogs of breed “North American Pitbull terrier.” These dogs were originally for bull and bear luring and also for fighting due to their strong body and immense strength.
A study in 2013 showed that between 2000 and 2009, there have been 256 reports of fatalities by this dog.

1. Caucasian Ovcharka

Caucasian Ovcharka is a large breed of dog, popular in many European countries. They have strong bones, muscular body and a lot of energy. If early training in socialization is neglected, this dog can harm strangers if they come to its territory. Considering their size, they can easily kill a human.
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