Top 6 most venomous snakes in the world

Nobody can strike fear into people more easily than a snake. They have got everything to make up the situation; They have creepy looks, slither and are really fast. To make it even more worse, many or most of them even have venom.
However chances of dying from a snake bite is very less than chances of dying from a road accident. But still, one should not keep their guard down just because of that. They can still kill.
So in this post I have listed six such most venomous snakes in the world, which could kill you with just one bite.

6. Rattlesnake

If you live in America, then by reading the heading itself would have made you remember this guy. They are actually called “rattlesnake” because of the rattle attached to the end of their tail. Rattlesnake actually belongs to the pit-viper family and are considered as the most poisonous creature in North America, specially the eastern diamondback rattlesnake. 
Their hemotoxic poison can cause severe damage to the body and the worse could lead to death if untreated.

5. Death Adder

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Death Adders are mostly found in Australia, New Guinea and their surrounding areas and are considered as one of the most poisonous snakes in he world. These snakes are really fast. They can strike and get back in the position in just 0.1 second. Their venom is highly neurotoxic and can cause death in just six hours. Luckily lives can be saved with proper treatment. Difficulty in breathing and paralysis are some of the symptoms of death adder bite.

4. Philippines Cobra 

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The only snake from the cobra family, not just because its bite can kill but also its spit too! This snake can spray its deadly venom up-to two meters. Death usually occurs within thirty minutes due to interruption in transmission in nerve signal and respiratory paralysis. 

3. Eastern Brown Snake

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Eastern Brown Snakes are also found in Australia. This snake is so poisonous that only a small drop of its venom is enough to kill a full grown human. It can strike with simultaneously with great speed. However, these snakes are rarely seen in human area and always tries to human contact as possible, but can kill if threatened.

2. Inland Taipan

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Inland taipan is also called “western taipan” or “fierce” snake. It is the extremely venomous snake in the taipan family and are also found in Australia, just like our previous entry, death adder. Their venom blocks the nerves by causing blood clot in the victim. Death usually occurs within an hour of the bite and even if the victim gets quick medical treatment, there are really less chances that the victim will survive.

1. Bleacher Sea Snake

The most poisonous snake in the world. Only a little amount of its venom can kill hundreds of men. But not all of its bite contains venom.These snakes are really shy and usually prefer to flee when comes in contact with a human, but can become a real threat if it feels danger.
So this is my list of the most poisonous snakes in the world. If you have your own list, then please do share with us in the comment section (guest comments are allowed too).
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