Top 5 smartest animals in the world


If you think that we, humans are the smartest species in the world… then you are completely wrong. Researches have proved that animals are much smarter than we could ever imagine.

Let’s meet five such animals who are really cleaver..


5. Pigs 


According to researchers, pigs are really smart. They have long term memory and can solve difficult mazes easily. They can learn new tricks easily and can find food using mirrors and believe it or not, according to the researchers they can easily learn how to use a joystick and also to play video-games… just like us…



4. Octopus

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Octopus is the most intelligent creature of its specie i.e. invertebrate. They have the largest brain compared to all other invertebrate creatures. They have 130 million neurons in their brain, even more than humans (100 million). However, about one third of their neurons are present on their arms and yes you are right, each of their has their own mind!! Even if you cut it, it will still hold hold stuffs, like fish etc. Moreover, they can adept themselves according to their surrounding very easily. Pretty smart eh?

3. Elephant

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Elephant has got the biggest brain compared to all other land animals.They can learn different tricks very easily and are really self-conscious. They can identify themselves in the mirror very easily and in he wild they produce a seismic signal, which allows them to communicate with others very easily.


2. Crow


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Crow’s brain is really small. It is about the size of a human thumb, but it is very large if we see in a crows’ vision. Researches have shown that their intelligence is as high as apes. They have really sharp memory and can remember the faces of individual humans very clearly. A part of their brain light up when they see any human face as friend or an enemy.




1. Chimpanzee


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Chimps are our (humans) closest relative in the wildlife. We even have 99 percent same DNA. Like us they too live in social communities and can walk on two legs too. They too make tools and can easily adapt themselves easily in different environments and also they reach the reproduction age at around same time like human i.e. 13 for female and 16 for males.
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