Top 5 small dog breeds that can be considered as the cutest dog breeds of all

No matter how friendly and strong the big breed dogs are, we gotta agree that they are no match for the cuteness of the small breed dogs. 
Small breed dogs have a different charm in them which could give severe nose bleed to every dog lover. So today I have listed 5 such cute little dogs in this article, hope you’d like it.


5. Pug

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 Pug is a small cute looking dog with a happy attitude. They have a glistering coat which differs from dog to dog of the same breed. The most common color that these dogs have are fawn and black. These dogs are famous for for their wrinkly, short muzzled face and curled tail. 
Despite of it’s small size, Pugs can be trained really easily and are very adherent to their owners and can also get mixed with other pets easily. 

4. Papillons

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Papillon are small adorable dogs. They belongs to the spaniel breed and are also called ” The Continental Toy  Spaniel”.
Papillon means “Butterfly” in French and are denominated after their butterfly ears. It’s coat is long and silky and it also has a good behavior.

However to raise them well balanced, one should make sure that they get proper socialization and also proper grooming to maintain the beauty of it’s silky hairs. Papillon are super active and like to impress their master, and can be considered as perfect pet for everyone.

 3. Boston Terrier

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Boston terrier is breed of small dogs originating in United States. they are also called “The American Gentlemen”. It got acceptance by the American Kennel club as a non-sporting breed in 1893. This ‘American Gentlemen’ has a square and well muscled body and it weighs between 4.5-11 kilos. They are very sensitive to their lord’s voice and can also be trained easily.

Boston terriers can be a great friendly family friend, but it have a habit of becoming extremely friendly with strangers. So you will have to babysit this dog properly if you want to pet this ‘American Gentlemen’.

2. Bichon Frise 

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These are the small and cute breed of Bichon line. They are a member of the non-sporting group of dogs in United States and toy dog group in United Kingdom.
The name Bichon frise means cuddly lap dog in English. They are extraordinarily cheerful and friendly and can get along with other members of the family and pets easily.


1. Chihuahua 

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Chihuahua is the smallest breed of the dog. It is named after the state of chihuahua in Mexico, they comes in variety of shapes and size and colors.Chihuahua are very smart and curious and can be taught various tricks easily. These dogs are really loyal to their family and have a habit of getting close with only one person in the family.
Due to their small size, they can be taken everywhere and can be a good watchdog too. 
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