Top 5 popular cats in the world that every cat lover wish to pet.

Cats are really a strange creature. They like to play with yarn, sleep all day and not to forget fish!! They love fish more than anything. Sometimes they become really wild and sometime very gentle. But no matter how are they, nothing can stop a cat lover from cuddling them.
Strange but cute.
In this post I have listed 5 such cuddly cats which every cat lover would love to pet.

5. Toyger

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Toyger is a tiger looking breed of domestic cat. It is a result of cross breeding between a Bengal Cat and a stripped domestic short haired cat.
This cat has an average muscular body along with small rounded ears and long tail and weighs around 6 kilos. Apart from it’s ferocious  tiger looks, this cat is really smart and are very easy to train.

4.Exotic Shorthair 

                                                                                                                                                               [image source]

Exotic Shorthair cats are a result of crossbreeding between a Persian cat and a short haired cat. This cat passes almost all standards of a Persian cat except long hairs. So no daily grooming needed at all for this cat unlike their long haired relatives.
Exotic shorthairs are extremely curious and playful and they also get along well with other pets too. However, they do not like being left alone. They like to be around their masters. So be ready to see this cat sitting on you if you are planning to pet this cat.

3. Manie Coon

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Manie Coon is a breed of large domesticated cats. These cats are really gentle and loyal to their masters and are also called as “The Gentle Giants”. These cats come in a variety of different coats, which are also waterproof. 
Unlike other cats, Mani Coon asks for very little attention from their masters and shows their affection towards them whenever they gets any chance.


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Angora is a bred of cat originally originated in Ankora, turkey. they are one of the natural breeds of cat in the world. These cats comes in different colors. their eye colors too vary a lot. Even in some, right do not match with the left.
Angora cats are very affable and are also very compatible with other pets too. Just like Maine Coon cat, this cat do not demands for a lot of care, just a little grooming and cuddling and this cat is happy.

1. Persian Cat

                                                                                                                                                                       [image source]
Persian cats are the most popular cat breeds in the world. Originally originating in Persia (now Iran). These cats are also called Persian Long Hair in Britain and Shirazi cat in the middle east. These cats comes in many different colors and same goes for their eyes too.
Persian cat became favorites of millions because of their calm behavior. They just like to spend their entire day laying on their owner’s couch or somewhere comfortable.  [YES THEY ARE REALLY LAZY!!!]
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